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Te Maru o Rereahu LogoTe Maru o Rereahu Trust

I whanau mai te tangata me tona ake mana Na te Io i homai Ko Mataarangi, Ko Mataanuku, na, Ka puta ko tooku whakapapa i here au ki te whenua, Ko Tainui te waka, Ko Pureora te Maunga, Ko REREAHU te tupuna.

23 King St

Te Kūiti 3910

07 878 7177 or 0800 225 625

Pa Harakeke

The Pa Harakeke visitor centre is open 7 days a week in summer and 5 days the rest of the year and offers visitors a range of guided eco-cultural experiences including the very popular Tree Planting experience. Quality chalet accommodation and conference room facility are also available and located close to the start of the Timber Trail.

138 Maraeroa Road

Pureora Benneydale

07 929 8708

Maniapoto Maori Trust Board LogoManiapoto Maori Trust Board

Maniapoto Māori Trust Board is a tribal organisation that aspires for a Vibrant Maniapoto Iwi. The Maniapoto Māori Trust Board seek to achieve the following outcomes:

Vision: For a unified Maniapoto Iwi achieving cultural and social wellbeing, environmental sustainability and economic growth. Mission: Connecting, enabling and facilitating opportunities for Maniapoto
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49 Taupiri Street

Te Kūiti 3910

0800 668 285 0r (07) 878 6234

Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust LogoNgāti Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust (NMMPT) Inc.

The Ngāti Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust (NMMPT) Inc. aims to improve the holistic well-being of Maori and those people living in the tribal area of Maniapoto. It is only in the past 20 years that we have grown our organisation to a point that enables us to make a significant contribution to Maniapoto communities. A consistent and sustainable approach to existing services and future iniatives is our focus to ensure there is always going to be a strong network of support for Maniapoto’s isolated rural communities.

Maniapoto Training Agency LogoManiapoto Training Agency (MTA)

The main aim of the Training Agency is to provide education and training for those people who have been less successful and who may not have lived up the expectations of our traditional New Zealand Education System.

Maniapoto Trades Service LogoManiapoto Community Services (MCS)

The Maniapoto Community Services is made up of qualified and experienced team of health, welfare and social workers who have a committment to ensuring children and families have access to the services that are essential if we are to enjoy a better quality of life in homes and in our community. The Trust aims to provide additional avenues for the prevention and treatment of health and social difficulties which may affect all members of our community and to develop better ways for people to have easier access to this assistance.

Maniapoto Trades and Services

The Trust was responsible for securing and managing contracts to complete various forestry and farming operations and the graduates (contracting crew) completed the work on a full-time employee basis. The Trust has developed its own Farming and Forestry enterprises which are also managed under the umbrella of MTS.

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51 Taupiri Street

Te Kūiti 3910


Te Wananga o Aotearoa LogoTe Wananga o Aotearoa – Maniapoto

Established in 1984, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa will provide holistic education opportunities of the highest quality for Māori, peoples of Aotearoa and the world. Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary education providers. We offer a comprehensive range of certificate to degree level qualifications to New Zealanders of all ages and walks of life.

Operating from over 80 locations throughout the country, we provide a unique learning environment. We aim to overcome barriers to learning, and to meet the needs of all within the communities we serve. Guided by Māori principles and values, we take great pride in this nurturing and inclusive learning environment, as well as the depth and diversity of our courses in small business, computing, social work, teaching, Māori performing arts and te reo Māori. Te Wānanga o Aotearoa has provided a fresh and vibrant alternative within the New Zealand tertiary education sector for 30 years, enhancing the skills and employment opportunities of more than 300,000 graduates.
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37 Taupiri Street

Te Kūiti 3910

(07) 878 6555

Tamarunui Kokiri Trust LogoTaumarunui Community Kokiri Trust

“To advance the holistic development and wellbeing of whanau, hapu and iwi” The Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust (TCKT) was established in 1989 to advance the holistic development and wellbeing of whanau, hapu and iwi. This is acheived through the delivery of comprehensive health & social support services to the communities of central and rural Taumarunui and Te Kuiti.

Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust (TCKT), has a long and successful history providing health and social services to the community. The Trust is governed by 5 Trustees, all of whom have been active citizens in community development. Supporting the Trustees is an advisory team. Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust currently employs over 100 staff. 70 – 80% of our clients are Māori. Te Kūiti Family Health Centre – Whānau Ora Centre 10-1 Ward Street, Te Kuiti 07 878 3680 Kokiri Te Oranga Pai – Te Kūiti 18 Sheridan Street Te Kūiti New Zealand 07 878 3205
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121 Hakiaha Street


07 895 5919

Sport WaikatoSport Waikato – Waitomo

Sport Waikato is proud to support the communities within the Waikato region, in their goals to achieving healthy lifestyles, which includes being active through both sport and recreation. The core focus for Sport Waikato is and will always be to inspire and enable our people of the Waikato to be active and healthy for life. Our teams are inspired by the words of Te Puea Herangi “Mahia te mahi hei painga mo te iwi”. We strive every day to ‘do the work for the betterment of the people’.

As an organisation who has a focus on sport and recreation, Sport Waikato and all of its programmes are focussed around:

  • Healthy Active Lifestyles
  • Young People
  • Community Sport
  • Regional Leadership
  • Simply put – Sport Waikato’s role throughout the whole community is to help people to help themselves.

So let’s take the journey together – everyone, out there and active.

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96c Rora Street

Te Kūiti

07 878 7867

Maniapoto Against Violence Intervention Network (MFVIN)Maniapoto Family Violence Intervention Network

The Maniapoto Family Violence Intervention Network (MFVIN) was formed in 2009 and combines the resources of a wide range of committed local agencies and groups. Their objective is to provide a collaborative approach to family violence prevention in the Maniapoto area.

Mission: MFVIN’s mission is to provide broad community awareness of the effects of family violence and a co-ordinated approach to family violence prevention in the Maniapoto region. The MFVIN group encourages you to join the growing movement of people saying NO to violence in our communities.
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07 878 5081

 Number Twelve

The Number Twelve youth hub is part of the 40 interventions / solutions our local community has come up with as part of the Waitomo Youth Action Plan under the Social Sector Trial. The Waitomo Trials focus is really about us working together as a community to support all our youth to have the ideal futures they dream for themselves. Young people told us they wanted a place where they can get support, information and direction. If we can’t help you we will find out who can.

At Number 12 we:

  • Run a Learner Driver Licensing every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. This free support will prepare any youth in the district to sit their Learner license.
  • Take registrations of interest for the Restricted Driver training programme.
  • Have free Wi-Fi, 8 computers with broadband internet to help you with your homework, to apply for your Work and Income or Studylink applications, to develop a CV or to scroll the internet.
  • Have a boardroom with a data projector for any young people who need a venue to hold meetings or for study groups.
  • Run a youth mentoring programme for young people who really need help to build up the good things in their life so that they are able to make better choices and have more opportunities to reach their potential. For more information contact Number Twelve.
  • Run the Integrated Attendance Service (used to be called the Truancy Service) to help every student to attend school.
  • Run different activities/workshops, check out our activities calendar for upcoming events.
  • Run a fines project to help young people get their fines sorted, register at reception.

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Level 1, 12 King Street

Te Kūiti 3910

(07) 974 7531

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